Winter Wonderland: Why Sell in the Winter?

Ask any realtor out there, and they’ll tell you the best time to sell your home is now”. But as the colder weather is rolling in, it’s time to think about what you need to sell your home, and whether or not listing in the winter makes sense for you. By this point, you may be asking “What are the advantages to selling in the wintertime?”

Winter will blanket your home with a beautiful layer of sparkly snow, providing you with picturesque outdoor pictures that will catch anyone’s eye and there will be less landscaping required to get your home listing ready, as you can embrace the natural beauty and environment this season provides you. Typically, the real estate market is smaller during the winter, as people are hesitant to list, giving you less competition, coupled by motivated buyers. Generally, individuals looking at your home in the winter need to find a home, and there will be fewer individuals who are looking for curiosity’s sake. Wintertime is a unique market, and is makes you more likely to receive an offer that is closer to your asking price.  With the onset of winter, comes the holiday season, where your showing-ready house will be perfect for visitors.

Now that you’re turning your wheels, and getting excited about the prospect of listing your home in the winter, we have a few tricks and tips for showing, and selling your home in the winter. The most important aspect of winter, is to take advantage of it’s natural beauty. Since the snow will minimize your necessary landscaping, you’ll have more time to prepare the inside of your home to be warm and welcoming. If you’re listing in the winter time, be sure that you have salt and shovels prepared. You’ll want to keep your driveway, and walkway clear and de-iced, to start off with a great first impression that winter is not a hassle here. If you have a deck or patio, try to keep them cleared off as well, allowing potential buyers to fully envision themselves living in your home. Along with the snow, winter brings shorter days, and longer periods of darkness. Make sure to make the inside of your home bright, warm, and cozy by turning on the lights, and heat, as well as opening blinds to bring in natural lighting. Creating a comfortable, warm space is inviting to potential buyers, especially when they seek refuge from the chills of Jack Frost.

Wintertime brings its’ own unique set of circumstances to listing your home, but taking advantage of a smaller market, and the warmth and comfort your home can provide, can give you an entirely different listing result. Encourage buyers to embrace the winter wonderland that your home can create, and contact your realtor for more information about the specifics of your area’s market. It may be cold outside, but that doesn’t mean the motivation to sell your home needs to go cold.

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