Tips for Listing in the Summer 

Tips for Listing in the Summer 

With this hot spring market in Ottawa expected to spill over into the summertime, it’s not too late to get your house on the market! As the weather warms up though, there are a new set of challenges to ensure that you home is ready to show and to ensure that you always put your best foot forward. Here are a few simple steps that you can take to make the best first impression.

Keep the AC on!

As the weather heats up, keep your home cool for showings and open houses. Even if you normally try to conserve or keep it set a little warmer, make sure it is set between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius. If your home does not have air conditioning, do what you can to keep the space cool. Drawing the curtains at the hottest time of the day (just make sure to open them before a showing!) and opening the windows in the evenings and at night can make a huge difference.

Maintain Your Lawn and Gardens

In most cases, your front property will be the first impression for a prospective buyer so you want to be sure that it is in top shape. If the summer is a dry one, make sure to water your lawn and gardens regularly to ensure that everything stays lush and green. Pull weeds and cut the grass on a weekly basis. Put away all the kids toys or other clutter that may be around.

Going Away?

If you are going away for an extended period over the summer while your home is on the market, ensure that it is ready for showings while you are away. Plan to do a thorough clean before departing! It is also advisable to have someone checking in on your home if you are away for more than a few days; this is likely required by your insurance company and will ensure there are no surprises. If you are away, ensure that the air conditioning is running or if you don’t have air conditioning, all furnaces have a fan option that will help keep the air moving and avoid that stale air smell.

Use Your Green Bin

As the weather heats up, the garbage starts to smell. Here in Ottawa we have bi-weekly garbage pick-up but weekly green bin pick-up. A lot of the smelly garbage can go in the green bin to help with the smell. During showings, prospective buyers will be looking in your garage and you don’t want them to be overwhelmed with the smell! If your garbage is especially smelly, you may want to consider removing it from the garage for any showings or open houses.

Bring Summer Inside

Summer is bright and colourful; you should consider bringing that inside your home! Make sure that all the curtains and blinds are open to allow the natural light to flow through the space. Consider replacing warm and cozy plaids and dark colours with bright or floral options. Having fresh flowers in the home is always a nice touch as well.

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