Perks of Listing Your Home in the Fall

Fall is upon us: we’ve returned home from our summer vacations, have the kids all set up for a new school year, and are ramping up for the holidays. Ultimately, things seem to be lining up quite nicely as we head into the much cooler, winter-endured months. Yet, there still is that one outstanding question that many of us can’t seem to find an answer to: is now the right time to buy or sell my home? Truthfully, some of us may argue no; however, a vast majority of us in the biz might answer a little differently, and here are some reasons as to why:

  • With the kids back at school, you needn’t worry about the chaos that often goes on at home over the summer break. Now, this plays to our advantage in two ways. First, there is plenty more time (and less tiny feet running through your hallways) to properly tidy and stage your home so that it’s showable and market-ready. On the other hand, you – the prospective homebuyer – can focus your energy on the home(s) at hand, rather than having your hands pulled and tugged at in a multitude of directions, if you know what we mean.
  • As mentioned above, we’ll all soon be gearing up for the holiday season. Our advice to you is to make your move now. Why? Because the holidays are meant for celebration and relaxation with your loved ones – not worrying about buying or selling your home. Best to get yourselves organized and settled into your new homes prior to the joys of the yuletide.
  • Fall is a great time to revamp our homes from the outside-in. We tend to get ourselves winter-ready around this time of year anyways – cleaning our yards, inspecting the condition of our rooftops, checking the quality of our furnaces and so forth – why not take this opportune chance to prep our homes for hungry homebuyers? Of course, from the inside, staging your home is key. Common tips include emphasizing comfort, brightening up your rooms with natural light, and playing up your fireplace by using it as a room’s focal point. For more, click here!

Contrary to popular belief, listing your home in the fall and winter months may be of benefit to you. With the inventory of new homes typically decreasing this time of year, it might actually be the perfect time for you to buy or sell – on the one hand, get one step ahead of the competition; and on the other, allow your home to stand out above the rest.


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