Clients For Life


Real Estate is all about relationships.  How well we build, grow and maintain them greatly impacts our success in the industry, particularly as it pertains to referrals and repeat business.  Our team believes in this philosophy and developing and nurturing client relationships for life.

You, our clients, hold the power to help our business thrive.  When you are thrilled with the services we provide throughout the purchase or sale of your home, and after it has closed, you are more likely to refer us to your family, friends and even strangers at times and, you are far more likely to call upon us when it is time to sell or buy a home again.  We need to be deserving of this type of relationship and hope you will be our advocates.

To be deserving of this client for life relationship we must consider the following points:

  • Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship. Keeping our word while looking out for our clients and when we are consistent in helping throughout the real estate process is when trust begins.
  • Reliability is essential. We need to be responsive to your needs – whether that is preparing an offer, answering you questions/concerns etc. That is the advantage of working with a team.  There is always someone available to help.
  • Exceeding expectations grows a relationship. It is natural that buyers expect their realtor to find them the right home and negotiate a good deal and for sellers to expect a quick sale for close to the asking price. We strive to go above and beyond what our clients expect by doing those extra things.  By surpassing our clients’ expectations, we not only make them happy but create allies for life.
  • Listening and communicating to gain insight into what clients really want in a home or special ways to serve them. Since most people only buy or sell their home a few times or less it is our job to make the process as simple and straight forward as possible. Guiding our clients through what can be an intimidating and frustrating transaction as comfortably as possible is our objective.
  • Knowledge is key to the real estate process so your realtor must continuously upgrade and update their education. Negotiation skills, marketing techniques, statistical analysis are just a few of the areas that are required to serve our clients as they deserve to be served. Attending professional development workshops, presentations by experts, studying the market are all ways to keep our skills sharp.

When it comes time to move, homeowners prefer to turn to someone they know and trust in the business.  One who has invested time and built a lasting relationship.  Thank you for trusting us. We hope you will always think of us when needing a Realtor and be our ‘clients for life’.

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