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  • Perks of Listing Your Home in the Fall September 14, 2017 Fall is upon us: we’ve returned home from our summer vacations, have the kids all set up for a new school year, and are ramping up for the holidays. Ultimately, things seem to be lining up quite nicely as we head into the much cooler, winter-endured months. Yet, there still is that one outstanding question ... Read More
  • Community Profile: Fitzroy Harbour September 14, 2017 West Carleton boasts a multitude of beautiful, family-friendly communities including that of the small, picturesque village we know best as Fitzroy Harbour. Located along the Ottawa and Carp Rivers, the village of Fitzroy is home to its very own Community Centre, several baseball diamonds, soccer fields, playgrounds and an outdoor skating rink for the entire ... Read More
  • Principal Residence Exemption April 27, 2017 If you sold your home in 2016, you may have noticed that you had to report it on your income tax and benefit return even if it was your principal residence. With all the talk of Capital Gains tax increases in the media these days, it is important to note that if the property you ... Read More
  • Clients For Life March 28, 2017   Real Estate is all about relationships.  How well we build, grow and maintain them greatly impacts our success in the industry, particularly as it pertains to referrals and repeat business.  Our team believes in this philosophy and developing and nurturing client relationships for life. You, our clients, hold the power to help our business thrive.  When ... Read More
  • Get Your Home Ready to Sell in 30 Days March 20, 2017 Are you planning on listing your home in the fast-approaching spring market? Are you ready? Don’t worry, you’re not too late! Here we provide you with a 30 day plan to get your home ready to sell! Day 1 – Get some moving supplies! Although you may not move for months, now is the time to start de-cluttering so you ... Read More
  • Benefits of Home Staging February 20, 2017 First and foremost, home staging should be thought of as a marketing tool that plays a crucial role in getting a higher return on your investment. Your investment, of course, being your house! Ultimately, staging makes your property appeal to the highest number of potential buyers thereby increasing the likelihood of selling faster and for ... Read More
  • When is the best time to list? February 13, 2017 Well, when it’s the best time for you.  However, approximately 50 % of all real estate sales in West Ottawa occur between March 15th to June 15th. That’s the time most buyers are out looking at homes and taking action. With the recent snowfall and drop in temperatures, we sometimes feel that spring is a long ... Read More
  • Ottawa Market Real Estate Update March 7, 2016 The Facts for February 2016 Number of combined Residential & Condominium sales was 911 Increase of 7.2% compared to 850 sales in February 2015 Breakdown: Number of residential sales was 712 Increase of 4.4% compared to 682 sales in February 2015 Number of condominium sales was 199 Increase of 18.5% compared to 168 sales in February 2015   The 5-year average for the number of February ... Read More
  • Ottawa Market Real Estate Update January 7, 2016 The Facts for December 2015 Number of combined Residential & Condominium sales was 703 Increase of 10.2% compared to 638 sales in December 2014 Breakdown: Number of residential sales was 543 Increase of 9.7% compared to 495 sales in December 2014 Number of condominium sales was 160 Increase of 11.9% compared to 143 sales in December 2014   The 5 year average for the number of ... Read More
  • Homes Near Coffee Shops Sell Better February 9, 2015 Decades ago experts on the science of home selling included having a pot of freshly-brewed coffee ready when potential buyers came for a viewing as the smell gave a homely impression. As our lifestyles have changed living close to a coffee shop appears to be the modern equivalent. Stan Humphries, chief executive of real estate ... Read More

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